AV Dental associates are a company that can be found under the website AVVDS.COM. The dental office is located in Jersey City, New Jersey. Just like the name suggests, the company was established to deal with oral health as well as all the dental issues.

Importance of Proper Dental Care

Prevent Gum Disease

Gum diseases are often caused by teeth having a plaque. Gum disease is often referred to as periodontal disease. The plaque is a bacteria film that appears sticky and colorless. When it builds up, it becomes tartar after hardening, which can be difficult to remove. The hard tartar produces toxins that end up irritating the gums causing gingivitis this leads to gum tissues being destroyed thus the development of gum diseases.

Brighter Smile

Teeth can be discolored by use of tobacco, beverages like tea or even genetic inheritance. Cleaning by the dentist removes the stains that are on teeth leaving them looking brighter and shinier. Cleaning by the dentist ensures that the tartar and plaque are cleaned out, leaving the tooth well-polished.

Keeping Teeth Intact

The development of teeth diseases could lead to loss of teeth. This happens when the teeth plaque deepens in to the root. The rotten root weakens the supporting bone, leading to loss of teeth in adult age.

Prevention of Bad Breath

Bad breath is also referred as halitosis. It is caused by unclean dentures, periodontal disease, poor oral hygiene or even infections in the throat. Regular checkups, cleaning and proper oral hygiene gets rid of all the bad breath.

Services Offered

Teeth Whitening

Teeth’s whitening is done to teeth that are discolored or yellowed. Yellowing of teeth affects a large number of people. It occurs despite brushing of teeth or even proper hygiene. Setting a teeth whitening appointment could be all you need to remove teeth stains and make your teeth shiny. Before this happens, it is often crucial to identify the yellowing cause and the process of restoring the teeth brightness.Discoloration of the teeth is often caused by poor dental hygiene. Another cause could be consuming of some beverages such as coffee or black teas, fruits with colors such as berries. On top of this, genetic factors may be the reason for discolored teeth proving that oral hygiene and proper diet may not be sufficient reasons to have shiny teeth.

Today, the cheapest and most common type of tooth whitening is the over the counter teeth whitening kits. They are very effective if used correctly. However, they can cause teeth sensitivity, bleaching of gums or even tooth damage.Another type is the professional bleaching. This procedure is available at AV Dental. It involves removing pigmentation through bleaching of the enamel. It is safer compared to over the counter bleaching kits.\

Dental Implants

These are prostheses built to replace lost teeth. They are often natural looking and durable. Loss of teeth may cause insecurities while smiling which really affects a person’s confidence. As such, getting a lost tooth replaced could help boost esteem. The implant is usually built from titanium with oral tissues and bones that is fixed on to the jaw to act as a root that supports a crown that is also artificial. Replacing an empty space with an implant ensures that the gum is not mutated as well as closing a portal that could lead to bone problems or get infected in the future.


This is a treatment for crowded or misshapen teeth. They help deal with teeth with issues in cross bite, spacing, overbite and under bite. The invisalign trays alignment process involves having the trays worn on top of teeth. They are replaced every week, until the lapse of the treatment period.The process involves visiting your orthodontist so he can make impressions of your teeth and gums, x-rays and even bite measurements, across a biting sheet. The tray is then made out of the taken blueprint. One aligner can be won for 20 hours a day, in a span of 2 weeks. Unlike braces, this tray does not cause sores or limit you on what foods to eat. It is more appealing compared to braces, hence reducing the awkward feeling since they can be removed.

Other services offered include fillings, dentures, scaling and even dental extraction. All these procedures are done to ensure that you have a good oral health, which greatly contributes to your total well-being. Having your dental issues handled by well-trained dentists with high quality equipment gives you a high guarantee to receive high quality services.